Cellardyke Studio

Art by Dorothea Gray

Dorothea in her Studio
“Dorothea in her Studio”
Photo by Sara Misculin, Trieste, Italy

Dorothea Gray was born in Hannover Linden, Germany on 28th April 1929. She started painting when living in Hamburg in 1967, in which year she met the Hamburg artist - Pit von Frihling and enrolled on his art course, which she attended for three years. In 1973 she moved to Italy and in 1976 to Sheffield. In 1994 she moved to Edinburgh and in 1999 to Cellardyke, Anstruther in Fife, where she presently resides and works. She has painted in every place in which she has lived.

Below is the first picture that Dorothea painted in Hamburg. It is titled, “Osterstraße 71, Eimsbüttel”, 50 x 35 cm, Oil on card, Hamburg, 1968